Sound Advice: Which Crime Mi a Talk by Carnnibal
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Sound Advice: Which Crime Mi a Talk by Carnnibal

Apparently "molly grit" is a genre now. This is what it sounds like.

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If there’s one thing that’s both exciting and incredibly annoying about EDM, it’s the fact that a new sub-sub-sub-genre seems to pop up every week—possibly every day. We just learned that “molly grit” is the actual name of one of those, rather than a phrase to describe drug-induced teeth grinding.

According to the blog Global Bass Experience, molly grit “is the culmination of all the recent trends of the last 5-10 years. Dubstep, trap, moombahton, juke…” Take that for what it’s worth.

One of the acts leading the molly-grit charge is Toronto’s Carnnibal. The band’s new album, Which Crime Mi a Talk, is a collaboration between Carnnibal and old-school British jungle act The Ragga Twins, which was never a big deal in North America. Even in Europe, the Twins’ popularity peaked when most of today’s club kids were still zygotes. It’s an interesting choice of co-conspirator, and it ultimately makes for an interesting project.

The title track on Which Crime Mi a Talk seems to be an ideal introduction to the nascent genre. A manic jumble of Latin percussion samples, snares, and chirping synths, it may be the most cheerful song about gun violence since “Pumped Up Kicks.” It has the potential to be a major dancefloor mover. “Ras Trent” is a little closer to Top-40 EDM, with a little bit of a dubstep wobble and a beat that’s a little less syncopated than the rest of the EP. It’s also based on a sample from a Saturday Night Live sketch, which may qualify it as our new favourite song ever. (You can listen to “Ras Trent” by clicking the sample, above.) “ShitSTEM” feels like it could be from a Major Lazer album. It’s not straight-ahead dancehall, but it’s distinctly more dancehall than anything else here.

It’s hard to tell if molly grit is going to be a real thing or not. Right now, the genre seems to be about six months old and seven artists deep. What we do know is that Which Crime Mi a Talk is a strong, ass-shaking album, and proof that Carnnibal is a force to be reckoned with, no matter what obscure subgenre you file it under.