Paul Magder Won't Have to Pay Mayor Rob Ford's Legal Costs




Paul Magder Won’t Have to Pay Mayor Rob Ford’s Legal Costs

The Divisional Court says Ford will have to foot his own bills.

Paul Magder, the man whose conflict-of-interest lawsuit almost resulted in Rob Ford being booted from office, won’t be on the hook for the mayor’s legal bills. This is thanks to the Ontario Divisional Court, which ruled earlier today that the case had merit, and that it raised “novel legal issues with respect to matters of public interest,” meaning justice would best be served by not forcing Magder to pay.

Ford’s camp was seeking about $116,000 from Magder, who would probably have had to find a creative way to raise the funds. Now, Ford will have to pay his own way—though at least he’ll have the eternal satisfaction of knowing he won the suit on appeal and saved his political skin. (Unless the Supreme Court decides to weigh in, but we likely won’t know about that for a while.)