Newsstand: April 4, 2013




Newsstand: April 4, 2013

If Thursday falls in the forest when nobody's around, can we just call it and move on to Friday? In the news: burgers get the City Hall green light, the head of the SIU gets set to step down, details emerge in teachers' labour talks, and GO Transit gets new buses.

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So, that local baseball team with all its fresh new faces and playoff hopes is now 0-2. That sound you hear is the collective deflation of our hopes and dreams.

Mayor Rob Ford had a pretty major victory at City Hall yesterday, though: getting a burger stand in Nathan Phillips Square. And that’s all we’re going to say about that.

Some more details have come out in the investigation of last weekend’s Yorkdale mall shooting. However, some of the crucial information, such as who the shooters might have been and why shooting happened, are still a mystery. Meanwhile, the shootings continue with a 15-year-old boy shot last night in the Lawrence Heights area.

The head of the province’s Special Investigations Unit, the body that investigates police shootings among other things, is stepping down after five years on the job. Ian Scott isn’t yet saying why he’s leaving, so for the time being we’ll have to rely on wild speculation. And, go!

With the work-to-rule campaign and bitter labour dispute, it’s been a rough school year for teachers, parents, and kids in Ontario’s public elementary schools (although in all likelihood, it’s probably just meant more Xbox time for the kids). But it looks like that could be coming to a close soon, and not just because June’s coming up. Elementary teachers’ union head Sam Hammond outlined some of the gains the union has gotten in recent talks with the government. We could add a bit here outlining the reaction from the province’s political parties, but at this point you could probably just guess it yourself.

Have you ever been on a double-decker GO bus and worried the bus’s roof might get torn off as it attempted to go through a low-ceiling tunnel? Or did we lose you on “GO bus”? Either way, GO Transit is getting new, shorter buses that will be able to navigate many underpasses the current buses can’t handle. As usual, a spokesperson for the very tall could not be reached for comment.

In other news, it’s going to be kinda warmer today, and for the next few days. We have proof.

We all know how popular service fees are with Toronto’s mayor, but hopefully you’ll be able to swallow the approximately $3 more a month you’ll soon be getting dinged for on your hydro bill. Not like you have a choice, anyway, unless you go on some kind of ill-thought-out power strike. The money will partly go toward building a new transformer station downtown, which is needed to keep up with the energy demands of today’s young urban go-getters. We blame it on TiVo.