Extra, Extra: Liberals, Scanners, and the Mayor's Work Habits




Extra, Extra: Liberals, Scanners, and the Mayor’s Work Habits

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Justin Trudeau at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone on March 27.

  • The Liberal Party of Canada is apparently having some trouble filling seats at a “leadership showcase” scheduled to take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend, where all six leadership candidates are supposed to be speaking. And no wonder: general admission tickets are $150. Maybe people would be more receptive to $25 tickets for just Justin Trudeau?
  • A Toronto company called Matterform is trying to perfect the consumer-grade 3D scanner (yes, this would be for use with your 3D printer), and it has raised a ton of money on Indiegogo. Don’t blow it, guys.
  • The CBC filed a freedom-of-information request for Mayor Rob Ford’s parking records and found that his average day at City Hall appears to last about four hours. That’s if he drives in at all.

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