Duly Quoted: Karen Stintz




Duly Quoted: Karen Stintz

“The mayor had an obligation to bring it to council for full debate…I don’t believe he showed leadership in this matter and I don’t believe he has a vision for transit and I don’t believe he has a vision for this city and I think that’s unfortunate.”

—Stintz, the Ward 16 councillor and TTC chair, said this in response to yesterday’s news that Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee had voted to prevent city council from debating what will likely turn out to be one of the most important public-works issues of the decade: whether Metrolinx should raise money for transit expansion in Toronto by imposing some combination of new taxes and fees on residents. (Ford is an opponent of taxes and fees, even when they have clear benefits.) In the Sun article from which this quotation is taken, Stintz says she expects the matter to come up for debate at council’s next regular meeting, whether Ford wants to talk about it or not.