Weekend Newsstand: March 30, 2013



Weekend Newsstand: March 30, 2013

Welcome to the beautifully disorienting day that is the Saturday of a long weekend. Here, some news, to regain your centre: Don Cherry's opinion of the Robert Kachkar verdict, a new park for Regent Park, and why Jesus was blocking traffic on Friday.

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Legal scholar Don Cherry is sounding off about the verdict in Robert Kachkar’s case. This week, Kachkar was found to be not criminally responsible for killing police officer Ryan Russell in 2011. Cherry, ever the nuanced and empathetic thinker, took to Twitter to tell the world he thought the verdict was wrong, and blamed the outcome on the left-wing media. Because the world needs to know what Don Cherry thinks.

Despite having “park” in its name, Regent Park doesn’t have any actual parks. Until now. A 2.4-hectare patch of land at Gerrard and Parliament streets will become the park, complete with a community garden, a bake oven, and a green house. The City is funding the construction of the new park, but a community group will keep the place running.

Got stuck in traffic behind a man in a robe and some Roman soldiers on Friday? You must have been in Little Italy, where the annual Good Friday procession wound through the streets to the delight and holy contemplation of thousands of spectators. The procession reenacts Jesus’ last moments before he was crucified on the cross, and scares the crap out of unassuming non-Catholic people who wander into Little Italy.