Newsstand: March 7, 2013




Newsstand: March 7, 2013

How is all that pothole repair going in the city? Aggravating? Haven’t noticed? In the news: TCDSB’s racing coach, Mammoliti’s family ties, Chow considering a mayoral run, a superjail without people to work in it, and teachers with no place to work.

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“Would you be suspended if caught going 45 over [the speed limit]?” That was the stupid response a spokesperson from the Toronto Catholic District School Board gave after a teacher was apparently caught driving a van of 12 students at 146 km/h. The teacher, Paul Melnik, was given a ticket for driving with more than 10 passengers—something that he does not have the proper licence for—in addition to the speeding ticket. At the time, Melnik was driving the school basketball team that he coaches to a tournament in Windsor. Really? You were in that much of a hurry to get to Windsor?

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) seems to have pushed for a section of Islington Avenue, which was paved and used for parking by local businesses, to be reclaimed by the City in 2008. Thing is, his family members had owned four of the five units in the plaza that benefited from the parking spaces on City property, but they all sold their holdings in the plaza within a week of each other a couple years before this happened. Some terribly foolish councillors just never catch a break.

Inching ever closer to a run at Toronto’s mayoral seat, Olivia Chow now says that she is “considering it.” Chow has, up to this point, mostly avoided any indication that she will run in the next municipal election, generally stating that she is “listening” to the people.

A superjail, sung to the tune of $622 million and located in Etobicoke, is going unused (and not because the $622 million went to crime prevention programs). Rather, the province is unable to get the staff needed to run it. This not only has ramifications for the corrections staff and inmates who are set to be transferred over from other facilities, but also for Bridgeport Hospital, which is set to gain what is currently the Toronto Jail, is still waiting for that to come available.

Hundreds of Toronto District School Board employees will be out of work, as nearly $28 million in staffing cuts were approved by the board last night. The notices will go out by mid-April, mostly to secondary school teachers.