Newsstand: March 6, 2013




Newsstand: March 6, 2013

Hello, Wednesday! Some day we'll have time machines, and you won't matter any more. In the news: a casino pitch this way comes, police break up a sports betting ring, TTC's 911 is a joke, and there's now one more formal complaint against the mayor.

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A smiling stranger is coming to town today to sell us on a monorail casino. That stranger, of course, is MGM, who plans to publicly unveil its vision for a casino and related entertainment facilities in Exhibition Place later today. Of course, MGM and partner Cadillac Fairview aren’t the only ponies in this race that might not yet even exist. Luxury resort company Wynn—whose name has got to be an outsourced copy editor’s nightmare—recently joined Caesars and Las Vegas Sands Corp. in expressing interest. Yes, the future’s looking up for this eager little town called Toronto.

Meanwhile, another side of the gambling coin was flipped onto the table yesterday (see what we did there?) as a multi-level police investigation into that sports betting ring that was busted during the Super Bowl led to the arrests of 18 supposed higher-ups in the ring, effectively taking it down. Police will be releasing the names of those arrested later today. While something tells us this isn’t the end of sports gambling in Toronto, the details of the ring and investigation are pretty cool to read, so here’s another version of the story.

Also in the true-crime vein, Hallandale Beach police will be giving an update on the case of the two Toronto snowbirds found dead in their Florida winter home later today. Considering the amount of details currently known is roughly nothing, any update should prove illuminating in this tragic case.

A Star investigation has discovered many tickets issued by the TTC’s enforcement officers go “vastly” unpaid. That might partially be because if you don’t want to give a TTC officer your address, they have no way of forcing you.

Teachers might not exactly be the most beloved people in the city right now, but that’s not stopping the parent council of one school from holding a teacher appreciation week. One council member told the Sun the appreciation week will be for what teachers do “for our kids throughout the day—teaching kids right from wrong, teaching them their maths and sciences, and caring about them.” The member reportedly later added, “And hey, we think two out of three is pretty good.”

Another mayoral goof, another complainant seeking Mayor Rob Ford’s removal from office. This one comes from a local artist, who takes issue with Ford continuing to solicit donations for his football foundation from city lobbyists, despite the trouble that’s gotten him in in the past. However, the Star seems pretty darn certain nothing will come of this newest complaint.