Newsstand: March 22, 2013




Newsstand: March 22, 2013

Hope your weekend plans are accented with some nicer weather. In the news: there's money for cities in the new budget; subway doors open in a tunnel again; and new people are in charge at Downsview.

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There’s new money for Canada’s cities in today’s federal budget, including Toronto. The budget promises $14 billion to cities over the next 10 years, to be invested in infrastructure, and the gas tax fund will also be indexed to cities starting next year. TTC chair Karen Stintz hopes that the money from the Building Canada Fund can help the City pay for a downtown relief line.

For the second time this week, subway doors opened while the train was in the tunnel. TTC CEO Andy Byford told the Toronto Star that the doors opened on a train in between King and Union stations yesterday morning due to an error by a new emploeey, saying that the mistake was unfortunate. There were no injuries in the incident.

Executives who’ve worked with Downsview Park for years to determine its future have been replaced by the federal government. Staff of federal property manager Canada Lands are now in charge of the park, though no announcements about changes to plans for its development have yet been made. “We do not have plans at this stage as to any changes to Downsview Park,” said Robert Howald, acting president and CEO of Canada Lands. “We’re just at that beginning stage.”