Newsstand: March 13, 2013




Newsstand: March 13, 2013

Today we celebrate 232 years of knowing about Uranus. Yay. In the news: Recycling keeps getting garbaged, Luminato gets to talking, a construction worker died on the job, and Margaret Atwood has a new Twitter muse.

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We only have ourselves to blame—unless you live in a residential home, then you have mostly condo and apartment dwellers to blame. But still, blame yourself a little because Toronto has still not hit the mark on diverting 70 per cent of our waste from landfills by 2010. That year has long since passed, and apartments and condos are only diverting 25 per cent of their waste, while houses are at a better, but still below-grade 64 per cent.

This year’s Luminato festival is getting a new featured event courtesy of the New York Times. The TimesTalks events will feature conversations between Times journalists and luminaries such as Willem Dafoe and Atom Egoyan over two days.

A construction worker died yesterday in the northwest of the city after being crushed beneath a concrete slab. The Ministry of Labour is investigating the events that lead to the tragedy at the construction site. The crews were contracted by the city to install the sewer-service for an industrial building.

Margaret Atwood, Toronto’s Twitter laureate, is taking issue with U of T’s plans for an synthetic replacement to the school’s back campus. As we have mentioned before, the space is set to be used for the 2015 Pan Am Games’ field hockey competition and international rules for the sport require a synthetic field—however, well functioning sewage systems require dirty, porous ground. Atwood implied that she may not leave money to the university in her will over the “anti-green plan.” Peggy, we promise that we aren’t laying fake grass anywhere. Just saying.