Weekend Newsstand: February 9, 2012




Weekend Newsstand: February 9, 2012

Yes, it really is winter in Toronto. Did you think we were going to write about anything else? Well, fine, we are, but we're starting with snow. Also: Less snow (as of Monday); a rough week for the AGO; and a rougher week for the Ontario Liberals.


Yesterday’s blizzard left a path of destruction in its wake (and led to a storm of jokes on Twitter), including multiple car crashes, cancelled flights, transit shutdowns, and general disorder. While the snow has let up, the effects are still being felt today, especially for travelvers. Be sure to check flight, road, and transit line cancellations before heading out.

However, try to enjoy the winter wonderland while you can today, because as of Monday this white blanket covering our city will be but a sloppy, wet, grey memory. Forecasters are calling for warmer weather to start the week; Monday will be six degrees and rainy. Looking for an excuse not to shovel your driveway again? You’re welcome.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is having a busy week. After issuing an apology to Patti Smith fans as their site was unable to handle demand for ticket sales (according to the AGO, demand far outstripped the supply of only about 400 tickets per show), the gallery suffered from an as-of-yet unexplained water leak Friday night. Passersby noticed what appeared to be water pouring out of the west facade, which, according to the AGO’s Twitter feed, had stopped as of last night. Whoa, those Patti Smith fans sure know how to pull together a hex, and fast!

After her swearing in Monday, Ontario’s premiere-designate Kathleen Wynne will be busy. Yet another Liberal cabinet minister has stepped down, which means that Wynne will have to call two by-elections within the next six months. Hot off the heels of Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s announcement that he would be leaving provincial politics next week, Energy Minister Chris Bentley, who has been embroiled in the gas plant controversy, announced yesterday that he will resign his London West seat effective next Thursday.