Weekend Newsstand: February 16, 2013




Weekend Newsstand: February 16, 2013

If Saturday night's all right for fighting, surely Saturday day's all right for frittata. In the news: protestors arrested at City Hall last night, a decision on banning strollers from the TTC, an excuse for slow streetcars in December, new license requirements for tattoo parlours, Rob Ford on road tolls, and a sad chart.


The protestors who camped out at City Hall Friday afternoon were arrested on Friday night. The group of about 40 demonstrators were demanding more funding for homeless shelters after a budget cut has caused a shortage of shelter beds. But when City Hall closed at 10 p.m. the group refused to leave. Police were called in and arrested the protestors for trespassing.

A new TTC report confirms that babies are slightly more important than luggage or backpacks. The report addresses the recent stroller controversy (dun dun dunnn) that resulted when a passenger complained about baby-carting behemoths clogging up the transit system. But the TTC has concluded that since strollers tend to carry humans and humans often pay a fare to ride (unless they’re under two years old), then strollers are a boon to the system. So they will not be banned.

In “not a boon to the system” transit news: December saw higher wait times for streetcar service because so many streetcar drivers were on holidays. Some service had to be cancelled due to the shortage of drivers. And usage patterns tend to change in December with all the other non-streetcar drivers also taking vacations. Apparently this won’t happen again next year, says the TTC. Even though it probably happens every year.

You know those DineSafe signs restaurants have to post in the window, and you look at the green ones sometimes and think, “Really?” Well get ready to start feeling uneasy in tattoo parlours and hair salons. City council is expected to pass a new by-law this week requiring any business that breaks the skin to pay for a license and post public health inspection results. Of course those places are already inspected, if the City knows they exist. The City claims this new fee ($319 to begin with, and an additional $210 a year) will help them keep track of businesses. The businesses say it will help the City make money.

In a piece of news that feels silly to even report on but hey that’s the world we live in, Mayor Rob Ford is opposed to road tolls, and he told Premiere Kathleen Wynne so. Duly noted, sir.

And the Star has a chart showing the average age of homicide victims over the years. We think it’s supposed to make people feel better or something? But it’s still just a bummer.