Newsstand: February 27, 2013




Newsstand: February 27, 2013

What a lovely winter/spring day. We might just go have a picnic in the park. In the news: Ford asked to pray the zoning bylaw away, blood money potentially coming to Toronto, Ford is not going to ask you for money, no strollers in some doctor’s offices, and elephants just wanna have fun.

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Put your hands together (and then leave them together) for zoning bylaws. That’s what Mayor Ford and a few other councillors are expected to do at a prayer rally alongside noted anti-gay-rights “Doctor” Charles McVety. As part of the ongoing harmonization of the City’s rules, a new zoning bylaw will make it illegal for places of worship to be put in light industrial zones. McVety doesn’t like that idea, so he is holding a prayer rally.

It’s a good time to start calculating your weregild, because blood money could be coming to Toronto. A new plasma collection company plans to open their doors at two locations in the city and if they receive the clearance they need from Health Canada, you could get about $20 for giving what’s in you to give. This practice of paying for plasma donations is currently in place across the US and in Winnipeg, but the World Health Organization is encouraging all countries to move towards only unpaid donations.

Prayers aside, Ford is not planning on asking tax payers to foot his legal bill. Instead, he’s asking a single tax payer to cover his costs. That is, if Ford does not receive the full amount of his legal costs from Paul Magder, the private citizen who brought Ford’s recent conflict of interest case forward, then the Mayor will not ask the city for any cash to cover his expenses.

Do you remember yesterday, when we told you about an apparent discrepancy in who can and who can’t easily get an appointment with a family doctor? Well, it turns out that maybe you shouldn’t be a baby either.

The Bowmanville Zoo is coming under scrutiny from an American animal rights organization that claims the pending transfer of an Asian elephant to the facility is rooted in commercial pursuits, not breeding, as the zoo claims. The zoo, as you might expect, denies the claim. Just imagine the look on that elephant’s face when he finds out that the fatherhood he was promised was all just a sham to get him to come live in a very elephant un-friendly climate.