Newsstand: February 13, 2013




Newsstand: February 13, 2013

13/02/2013 isn’t quite a repeating date, but we love it all the same. In the news: disappearing dresses; people just wanna ride bikes; filling an executive seat; snow money, snow problems; and Leaside lined on the Crosstown LRT.


Getting left at the altar is one thing, but how about getting left on Spadina Avenue (by your wedding dress)? That’s what happened to a number of brides-to-be when Classy Collection made the very unclassy move of disappearing in the night with a number of people’s money and dresses.

As it turns out, access to a nearby Bixi station might make it more likely for a person to ride a bike. Researchers from Montreal, the Bixi motherland, found that people there were more inclined to ride after the bike-sharing program was in its second season if they lived close to a station. This might suggest what a lot of cycling proponents have thought for a long time: it isn’t that people don’t want to ride bikes in their daily lives—it just often doesn’t seem like an option for some reason.

Okay, maybe Councillor Adam Vaughan (Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina) will be asked to join Rob Ford’s executive committee, but probably not though. In fact, that is quite a long shot. The empty spot on the agenda-setting team of councillors has been open since Mike Del Grande (Ward 39, Scarborough-Agincourt) abruptly quit back in January, but today a “striking committee” (which really sounds like a hazing thing) will meet to pick someone new for the position. The executive committee currently has neither a left-leaning councillor nor someone representing a ward in Toronto/East York. And it probably won’t anytime soon.

Here’s a way for the city to save money: stop letting it snow here. That weekend wallop cost the city roughly $4 million.

Apparently, letting someone else make the decisions means that they might decide something, and that something might not be in your favour. That is pretty well the position that Toronto now finds itself in. When the TTC signed a master agreement with Metrolinx for the construction of the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown LRT, they gave up any final say on the project. Now that the province has started making changes to what the line will look like, Leaside residents are losing their station at Eglinton Avenue and Leslie Street. The TTC can do little more than raise the issue with Metrolinx. Really, the moral of the story is that there isn’t enough money.

CORRECTION: February 13, 2013, 9:40 AM This post originally led people to believe that people get left at the “alter.” It has been changed to “altar.”