Newsstand: February 12, 2013




Newsstand: February 12, 2013

Think any more of that snow will melt today? In the news: Toronto's Board of Health meets; Wynne is sworn in; the Cabbagetown coyote is killed; and a Leaf avoids suspension.


Toronto’s Board of Health met yesterday and affirmed their opposition to building a casino in Toronto. A report by Dr. David McKeown, released last week and discussed at the meeting, said that a casino would bring more negative effects to the city than positive ones. “Our job as the Board of Health is to look out for the health of Torontonians,” said councillor Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park) after the meeting. The Board also called for stronger warning labels on caffeinated energy drinks that say not to consume them before or after exercising and warn of increased risk of injury with their use.

New Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was sworn in yesterday and introduced her rookie cabinet. Wynne selected Toronto Centre MPP—and former leadership candidate—Glen Murray to head transportation and infrastructure. Another leadership rival, Charles Sousa (Mississauga South), was made Minister of Finance to replace the retiring Dwight Duncan.

A coyote spotted in Cabbagetown over the weekend was killed by police on Monday night. Police issued a pubic safety alert after the large coyote was seen wandering the neighbourhood on Sunday night. Coyotes have also been seen in the Beaches and High Park. This is a very good reminder to keep your cats inside and watch your dogs closely when they’re out. Also, coyotes rarely attack kids but police are telling area residents make sure small children are always supervised.

Toronto Maple Leaf Mikhail Grabovski will not be punished by the NHL after allegations that he bit Montreal Canadiens player Max Pacioretty on the arm during a fight in Saturday night’s away game. The league said there’s no conclusive evidence that Grabovski bit Pacioretty while the Habs player had his arm around the Leaf’s face during an in-game scrum. Pacioretty maintains that he was chomped on, while Grabovski hasn’t spoken to reporters to confirm or deny. But the Canadiens forward isn’t taking any chances—he got a precautionary tetanus shot.