Extra, Extra: Bixi, Bad Debts, and Conrad Black



Extra, Extra: Bixi, Bad Debts, and Conrad Black

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • Vice reporter Sean Craig went to the Bridle Path to visit Conrad Black. Mostly, they talked about why Henry Kissinger should have been able to visit the Baron of Crossharbour in jail without the impediment of a glass pane between the two, while classical music plays in the background. Also, we learn that many of those convicted on drug charges “are quite recoverable.” In short, exactly what you would hope from such a pairing.
  • $18,864. That’s how much we now know online media outlet OpenFile owes freelancers. That number (compiled by former Torontoist editor David Topping, who was briefly also OpenFile‘s Toronto editor) is a minimum, compiled from those who responded to inquiries; the total owed may well be higher. OpenFile has been taking a “pause” since September, when it halted publication due to financial issues. CEO Wilf Dinnick says that cheques are being mailed out and that the issue will be resolved “a matter of weeks.” We, along with a lot of people who are owed money, hope that proves true.
  • Proof of concept: people who live near Bixi stations are more likely to cycle, according to a new study about the bike-sharing program’s Montreal operation.

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