Duly Quoted: Anonymous Minor Television Personality Outside Pusateri's




Duly Quoted: Anonymous Minor Television Personality Outside Pusateri’s

“It’s convenient for consumers. And it’s a consumer-driven society.”

—This unnamed man—whom, the Star wryly notes, gave his name “on condition that his agent, whom the Star could not reach, approve any quotes”—is referring to a lay-by in front of Pusateri’s, a high-end Yorkville grocery store where the type of high-flying twerp who would demand quote approval for a man-on-the-street interview would TOTALLY shop all the time. The lay-by is a car-sized dent in the sidewalk in front of Pusateri’s that the store paid the City $75,000 to install. For 10 years, the space has been used as a customer parking spot/valet stand for the grocer, despite the fact that it’s supposedly available for public parking. Now, the City wants to remove the lay-by to widen the sidewalk. Pusateri’s, the Star reports, has hired a lobbyist in an attempt to prevent that from happening.