Weekend Newsstand: January 5, 2013




Weekend Newsstand: January 5, 2013

Out there, there's a skating rink awaiting your unsure feet. Show it who's sure. And take some news with you: a new tall tower proposal, drug squad cops get house arrest, glass on a toboggan hill, baby penguins at the zoo, talk about subways, and a gadget for the PATH.

Move over, Gehry-Mirvish towers, is what a Vancouver developer would say to the 85-storey buildings planned for King Street, if giant buildings could move. Pinnacle International’s plans for the site around One Yonge Street, where the Toronto Star Building stands, were leaked last week, and they’re doozies. The plan calls for five new towers, two of which would be more than 90-storeys tall, making them the tallest buildings in the country.

Whoever says the police always escape the long arm of the law can eat their words. Five former drug squad officers have been sentenced to 45 days of house arrest for obstructing justice. The charges stem from a warrantless search of an alleged drug dealer’s apartment. And it only took 15 years and millions of dollars to hand down that 45 day house arrest sentence. So there. (Oh, and all the officers are appealing the sentence.)

A story from the Sad and Messed-Up Files: Shards of glass were found embedded in a toboggan run in Greenwood Park, near Gerrard Street and Jones Avenue. The glass was found when a father, tobogganing with his two young kids, was cut in the thigh by a piece. The run has been shut down and City workers are inspecting the area for more glass. So far they say they’ve found a “significant” amount.

To make us feel better: baby penguins. Five baby penguins hatched Friday at the Toronto Zoo. And some of those babies have famous fathers; former couple Buddy and Pedro, who were paired up with female penguins, each fathered one of the newborns. Congrats all around.

In their quest for input on a plan to modify the Eglinton LRT plan, Metrolinx heard from city councillor and TTC board member John Parker (Ward 26, Don Valley West). Oh good, Metrolinx may have thought when Parker approached the mic, here is someone with intimate knowledge of the challenges of implementing large-scale public transit projects, who has a mandate to facilitate the desires of his constituency. What did they hear? Parker wants subways instead.

Ever been lost in the underground PATH system for such an unanticipatedly long time that your phone runs out of battery? Probably, because that place is a labyrinth deserving of David Bowie. A start-up has a solution: charging stations. They’ll set up stands throughout the underground mall-type thing that allow users to charge their phone or tablet for ten minutes, just enough time to last you to the next charging station while you fumble around down there.