Weekend Newsstand: January 26, 2013




Weekend Newsstand: January 26, 2013

Just another cold Saturday in a city where very little has changed. Today: Mayor Rob Ford keeps his job; Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti wants back on the executive council; the Presto card machines can't hack the cold; and Ontario's Liberals set to elect a new leader.


In case you missed it yesterday (and how is that rock you live under?), Rob Ford is still our mayor, but that doesn’t mean we are through talking about that whole legal saga.

Remember when Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) quit Mayor Ford’s executive committee? Well, contrary to popular belief (that whole “abandoning a sinking ship” thing), Mammoliti claims he quit so that he could a probe a tip that a “group of people” are tapping phones and following people in a campaign to do “personal damage” to him and others. Lucky for the mayor, it seems that Mammoliti has crunched the numbers and it turns out he can make a little extra time, so, if he’ll have him, he wants back on the the mayor’s executive. Huh, what great timing. Funny how things work out.

Cold enough for you? It certainly is for the outdoor Presto card machines, which are seemingly unable to handle a chilly Canadian January. The cold weather is affecting screens on some outdoor Presto transit fare card machines as well as the speaker volume. But come on, who can blame the manufacturers of these machines? Who expects freezing temperatures in the GTA? Whatever happened to global warming, anyway? All these winter-themed bathing suits are just going to waste this year. Good one, Al Gore. You really had us going there.

After nine years at the top, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said his goodbyes yesterday at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in the former Maple Leaf Gardens, delivering his farewell address in the very same place he delivered his victory speech some 16 years ago. Today it’s time for new beginnings as the Ontario Liberals elect a new leader. Each of the six candidates will have the opportunity to deliver a 30-minute speech, and then a day of voting and overall hoopla will ensue. But the big event may not be contained to the convention, as word is that thousands of union members from across the province will stage a massive protest outside the convention.