Weekend Newsstand: January 19, 2013



Weekend Newsstand: January 19, 2013

Some Saturdays you pray for silence, some Saturdays your pray for soul. This Saturday, be satisfied with the news: Doug Ford takes over budget committee for now, a fatal shooting downtown, TTC transit police want to arrest you, videotaping cyclists, hockey's back, and the little student newspaper that could.

No more sleepless nights wondering who is at the reigns of the City’s budget committee. No, no need to worry your pretty little head anymore, because vice chair Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North) will temporarily fill the role. Ford says he’d never want to be permanently assigned to the job, but he’ll slide over one spot for now.

A 15-year-old boy was shot and killed Friday afternoon in an apartment building at Dundas and River streets. Police identified the victim as Tyson Bailey. Emergency crews were delayed in getting to the victim because the building’s elevators weren’t working.

The TTC transit police would still like their special powers back, please. The transit agency’s enforcement officers were stripped of the ability to make arrests in 2010 and now have to wait for the real police to arrive on scene before doing much besides issuing tickets.

There’s a brand new craze coming our way. It’s not very hard, it’s kind of easy to do. Just strap a camera to your head (or whatever’s on your head), cycle around the city, and wait for the YouTube-worthy altercations to pile up. Helmet-camera carrying cyclist Astrid Idlewild has been filming and posting her cycling travelogues for about two months now and she’s captured some doozy-level altercations. Apparently the filming cyclist is a thing now, according to the Star article about Idlewild and the thing. So know that.

Hockey’s back, and with it money. Though economists have found that the NHL lockout did not have a noticeable effect on the nation’s overall economy (real-life economists checked, thank God), bars and restaurants near hockey arenas did see an average 11-per cent drop. All will be forgiven when the Leafs take to the ice tonight for the first time this season, squaring off against Montreal. Go forth and watch hockey and spend money and forget this whole thing ever happened. Okay, economists? Okay.

And now a story that could be straight from the halls of Degrassi Jr. High. A group of go-getting students published their student newspaper despite a lack of help or support from the school’s faculty. Teachers at North Toronto Collegiate, like teachers across the province, are still refusing to run after-school clubs, teams, and activities, like the newspaper. So the students supervised themselves, raised the money to cover print costs, and fearlessly wrote their January issue. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Raditch.