Jose Canseco Wants to Be Your Mayor




Jose Canseco Wants to Be Your Mayor

Taking a swing at local politics.

Toronto politics have acquired a reputation for being absurd. Between giant ferris wheels, cancelled bag bans, and the mayor ordered removed from office by a judge, Google “Toronto City Hall circus” and you get 1.6 million hits.

Adding a new dimension to all this: former Blue Jay Jose Canseco, who announced on Twitter this week that he would like to become our mayor. Rob Ford, you see, has become too much trouble, and we need an outsider outfielder to give us a fresh start. The troubled player has a history of getting into fights, has pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge, and is known for his admitted steroid use. After proclaiming his interest in a potential byelection, Canseco jumped right into the fray, fielding questions from Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale and giving some hints of his platform.

Until, of course, he had to turn his attention to another pressing matter: the launch of his anti-aging drink, Ponce De Canseco.

The whole story, as it unfolded over the past two days:

UPDATE, 12:07 PM: