Extra, Extra: Jose Canseco, Chris Spence, and Some Ferries


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Extra, Extra: Jose Canseco, Chris Spence, and Some Ferries

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A screencap of yeswecanse.co, as it appeared earlier this afternoon.

  • Jose Canseco’s bid for the mayoralty is getting pretty serious (despite the fact that he’s not a Canadian citizen and can’t actually run): there’s now a website that details his campaign promises.
  • TDSB Education Director Chris Spence plagiarized parts of an op-ed published under his name last week in the Star. How blatant were his rip-offs? The Post has put together a side-by-side comparison and it is stunning.
  • The City is considering wrapping the Toronto Island ferries in ads, so it can use the proceeds to buy new ferries. How many people even look at the sides of those boats?
  • A Toronto woman and her sister had an ugly run-in with Florida police, during which she told an officer, “You can take me to jail. I don’t care.” The police allegedly called the pair “dirty Canadians,” but they sound more like mayoral material to us. Canseco, you’ve got competition.

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