Extra, Extra: Ford, For a While Longer



Extra, Extra: Ford, For a While Longer

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  • Now that Mayor Rob Ford is once again relatively secure in his position, don’t the past two months seem like a weird dream, where everyone was a legal expert and everyone was thinking about running for mayor?
  • The Star‘s Royson James wonders what Ford has learned as a result of all this.
  • Absoutely nothing, answers The Grid‘s Edward Keenan, who writes: “At his press conference today, Ford began by saying ‘This has been a very, very humbling experience…’ and then went on to show that humility by bragging that he’s run Toronto better than anyone in history.” Pretty much!
  • The Post‘s Chris Selley concurs: “What did he learn over the course of this nightmare? That everyone loves him, basically.”
  • Metro‘s Matt Elliott strikes a more hopeful note: “Kicking the mayor out now wouldn’t have done much to make Toronto any better. It would have been confusing and costly and hugely distracting from issues that actually matter to the average person in Toronto.”
  • But we’re not quite done with sideshows: the results of Ford’s campaign compliance audit are due to be released soon. Removal from office would be one possible penalty if the mayor is found to have violated campaign finance law during the 2010 election.
  • That’s right: we could be doing all this again in the very near future. And plus there’s the possibility that Paul Magder and Clayton Ruby will be granted leave to appeal Ford’s conflict of interest case to the Supreme Court of Canada. And then there’s also Ford himself, still as prone to political missteps as he ever was.
  • So nothing changes, and Ford is only a little more than halfway through his term. How smart and timely of Gawker, then, to take this opportunity to introduce their American readers to “Toronto’s Insane, Terrible Mayor.”

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