Duly Quoted: Kathleen Wynne




Duly Quoted: Kathleen Wynne

Ontario's new incoming premier addresses chronic underfunding of transit in Toronto.

“If we can now understand that there are going to have to be new revenue tools, that we’re going to have to find a way to create a revenue stream—because we can’t balance the budget at the provincial level, and build all the transit that’s needed in the GTHA and beyond without new revenue streams. I’d love to see some of that come from the federal government…but we’ve got to take responsibility too, locally and provincially, for paying for that transit.”

—The new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, soon to be sworn in as the new premier, Kathleen Wynne, speaking on Metro Morning today. Wynne addresses a range of issues during the interview, including the government’s relationship with teachers, attack ads that were launched by the Tories yesterday, and her decision to address the “is Ontario ready for a gay premier?” question during this weekend’s convention.