A Haunted House


A Haunted House

Paranormal asininity.


What’s simultaneously most funny and most frightening about A Haunted House—a shamefully uninspired and aggressively juvenile send-up of the found-footage horror genre—is that producer, co-writer, and star Marlon Wayans apparently considers this off-brand Scary Movie worthy of paying spectators. “Movie,” in fact, would be too charitable a label for his slapped-together lowlight reel of fart jokes, racial stereotype gags, and casual homophobia, which is further blighted by the barrel-scraping spectacle of Wayans and a pair of stuffed toys enacting a sweaty, extended ménage à trois. Before you part with 13 of your hard-earned dollars and 86 minutes of your life, we’d remind you that similar (and arguably superior) fare is freely available on YouTube.