Weekend Newsstand: December 29, 2012




Weekend Newsstand: December 29, 2012

Saturday, typically the golden child of the week, is almost an afterthought this time of year, and Monday is gloating pretty hard right now. Today: the mayor's annual levee invite is not extended to the media; a conference call is scheduled for the NHL and its player's union; fake tickets; missing information; and (gasp!) snow... in Toronto.

Mayor Rob Ford’s annual New Year’s levee, which, for a time, seemed to be up in the air, is back on, and all are welcome! Unless you are a reporter, in which case, you’re not really very welcome at all. Unlike past years, when reporters have been invited and able to interview the mayor and city councillors about the upcoming year, the City has made it clear that there will be no opportunity for media interviews with the mayor at the levee. Surely this decision was made because Mayor Ford always puts (non-reporting) constituents first and not because he wants to avoid talking about his big month ahead. Yeah, it’s the holidays, and we’re feeling generous. Let’s go with that.

In a last ditch effort to save what’s left of this year’s hockey season, the NHL and the NHLPA will hold a conference call today to review the league’s latest contract offer. There are also tentative plans to meet face-to-face tomorrow. While this seems like good news for Maple Leaf fans, a return to the ice will also likely end the collective “this could have been our year!” mantra resonating among long-suffering fans (delusion can only go so far).

Beware, One Direction fans, that pair of tickets in your hot little hand may be faker than Niall Horan’s blond locks. Toronto Police have arrested a man and woman that have allegedly been selling fraudulent One Direction concert tickets on Kijiji. The concert in question is scheduled for the Air Canada Centre in July 2013, so if you bought tickets on Kijiji, perhaps take a minute to ensure you’ve got the real thing.

It seems English-Irish pop boy band fans are not the only potential victims of fraud (and may we just take a minute here to thank Wikipedia for giving us a crash course on One Direction)—so might be the 5,000 Canadians whose personal details were lost by, ahem, the Canadian Government. Oops. It seems that a USB key containing many Canadians’ personal information, including social insurance numbers, has been misplaced. While there is no evidence that any of the information contained on the missing USB key has been used for fraudulent purposes, it is also unknown who has the key and, therefore, this information.

Environment Canada has put out a special weather statement for parts of southern Ontario warning of more snow today. Yes, that’s right. There will be snow… in Toronto! A whole five centimeters of the stuff.