Weekend Newsstand: December 22, 2012



Weekend Newsstand: December 22, 2012

Pour out the Corn Flakes and turn up the internet, it's news time on a Saturday: City and Waterfront Toronto staff shelved Gardiner report before Ford took office, Toronto police help avert U.S. school shooting, Justin Bieber tweets about Markham school's Christmas concert, former Scott Mission client gives back, and anti-fur protests planned on the Mink Mile.

Mayor Rob Ford is back from vacation, but not exactly back to business and it’s not exactly his fault. Council faces a $500-million decision on how to solve the Gardiner problem, but Ford told reporters he still needs to “get up to speed” on the issue. Perhaps the mayor has no idea what to do because the report about potential Gardiner fixes was shelved before Ford took office. The report studied six possible scenarios to fix the crumbling highway, but staff from Waterfront Toronto and the City decided to put it on hold in order to get a sense of the new administration’s desires. Two years later, we guess they’re still not clear.

A possible school shooting in Arizona was stopped by the efforts of a Ryerson student and Toronto police. The student alerted police about a YouTube post from someone in Arizona thinking about carrying out violence at a school. Police in Arizona have arrested a 16-year-old girl.

As if life isn’t unfair enough, Justin Bieber is making a mini-celebrity of a Markham kid who was already a mini-celebrity. Unwittingly refusing to spread the love, Bieber tweeted a video of Jayden Anderson’s school Christmas concert performance of Bieber’s “Little Drummer Boy” rap verse thing. Fine. That’s nice. But Anderson already had a popular YouTube video of a dive catch he pulled off at a Little League baseball game. That’s two YouTube mini-buzzes more than most people get in a lifetime. So this kid’s got options now.

There were 1,400 dead birds at College and Spadina on Friday, but it’s cool. Former Scott Mission client Alex Haditaghi was handing out 1,400 holiday turkeys at the mission as a way of giving back for the help they gave his family when they arrived in Canada as refugees in the ’80s. Haditaghi, now a successful businessman, told the Star he had the idea when his Mercedes stalled in front of the mission and only started again when he had formulated the plan. That is a heart-warming holiday story that we are not going to by cynical about. Starting now.

And speaking of dead animals, anti-fur groups will be protesting outside Holt Renfrew Saturday afternoon. They’re targetting Canada Goose retailers because of the parka company’s use of coyote fur on their hoods.