Newsstand: December 26, 2012



Newsstand: December 26, 2012

Back at it after a day off! In the news: A winter storm may be coming our way; the shelved Gardiner study could get going again quickly if council approves; a Goodwill store had a Christmas Eve bomb scare; and finally, some hockey.

Toronto didn’t get a white Christmas, but today may be a white Boxing Day—is that any consolation? According to a special statement issued by Environment Canada on Monday, Toronto and other parts of southern Ontario could be in for a cold snap today, accompanied by a hefty snowfall. More than two hundred flights in and out of Pearson were cancelled yesterday as the storm hit the east coast of the U.S. So if you’re heading out to hit the sales today, wear your toque and winter boots.

Work on the shelved study of the Gardiner Expressway could be up and running again in “a month or less,” according to the head of Waterfront Toronto, if city council says the word. The $8-million environmental assessment, put on ice during the last municipal election, seems like a bargain compared to the estimated half-billion it would cost to fix the Gardiner, and several councillors have spoken out about getting the assessment restarted. John Campbell, in charge of Waterfront Toronto, told the Globe and Mail that his staff has already looked at what it would take to get the assessment going again, and said it could be underway within weeks if council approves it.

Staff at an Etobicoke Goodwill store got a surprise when they discovered a grenade in a donation bag on Christmas Eve. Police, the emergency task force, and the bomb disposal unit were called to the store, which was evacuated, but the grenade—while real—was fortunately inactive. At least the store staff got off for the holiday a little early?

And finally, good news for hockey fans: the 2013 World Junior Hockey Championship began this morning in Ufa, Russia. Canada won easily over Germany, 9-3, and play next against Slovakia on Friday.