Newsstand: December 21, 2012




Newsstand: December 21, 2012

Happy last day of the world! It really is a shame everything needs to end today. In the news: book bugs, city manager doesn’t want a by-election, winter, holiday decoration, and courtroom Twitter.

Not to scare all the nerds out there, but there are bedbugs in your library books—not all library books, mind you, but some library books. Roughly half of the TPL’s 24 confirmed bedbug cases from last year were in books, but considering the number of items that travel around the library system in the city, odds are pretty good that your overdue copy of 50 Shades of Grey is bedbug-free. In fact, you’re more likely to pick up bedbugs from the TTC. You are officially reassured.

Guess what? Joe Pennachetti, Toronto’s city manager, doesn’t think that a by-election will be a good idea for the city. His concern is that there are a number of important and time-sensitive items on council’s agenda (such as the Gardiner and casino questions) that will require quick action in the upcoming months. With a by-election going on, some things might not get the attention they deserve. Thankfully, for the past two years and a bit, Mayor Ford has worked hard to bring together the different sides of council by seeking compromise and understanding on all the tough issues that have come before our elected officials.

Today we are supposed to get our first real bit of this year’s winter in the city. According to Environment Canada, the nasty whether this morning will turn to snow by the afternoon. This includes freezing-rain warnings around the GTA. Winter in December? The world really is ending.

In probably the biggest news story of the year, people that live in condos don’t decorate as much for Christmas as those that live in houses do.

Ontario now has a courtroom Twitter policy: journalists and lawyers can tweet, the public can’t. However, judges get final say in the matter.