Extra, Extra: Weird Donuts, Sue Johanson, and Cheap Trips


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Extra, Extra: Weird Donuts, Sue Johanson, and Cheap Trips

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  • This deluxe-donut trend has gone too far. Now we’re just putting things on them. Peanut butter and bacon? A Kinder egg? Why don’t we top them with other donuts and be done with it?
  • Sue Johanson, long-time host of the Sunday Night Sex Show—where she used her innocuous old-lady looks to make sex education surprising and hilarious—is Canadian. She hasn’t been on TV for quite some time, but Vice magazine caught up with her recently, and they’ve posted a video interview.
  • Air Canada is going to announce the details of its new low-cost airline tomorrow. This will probably end up meaning way more cheap trips to New York City for everybody, at least for a little while. But now that we have Momofuku here, is there still any reason to go?
  • TekSavvy is stalling, but it’s still looking like they may have to give up the names of some 2,000 customers accused of pirating certain movies. Since one of TekSavvy’s big selling points is that it’s willing to enable BitTorrent addicts, you can bet that they’ll put up a long, interesting fight over this.

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