Extra, Extra: Santa Firings, Rob Ford Sightings, and Taxpayer Dollars




Extra, Extra: Santa Firings, Rob Ford Sightings, and Taxpayer Dollars

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

This is not the Santa that was fired. He's an illustration-purposes-only Santa.

  • A Santa working at the Distillery District Christmas market has been fired after causing a three-year-old boy to cry by telling him that the Toronto Maple Leafs “suck.” This seems like a fair dismissal to us. If there’s one thing a visit to Santa shouldn’t be, it’s a brush with reality.
  • Yet another picture of Rob Ford out on the town and looking possibly drunk has surfaced. It has some observers wondering when the next scandal is going to drop. According to insiders, the Globe and Mail is sitting on a Ford-related bombshell that it hasn’t published for whatever reason.
  • The Church of Scientology’s higher-ups have announced plans to revamp the church’s building at 696 Yonge Street, and the renderings make the proposed reno look simultaneously very fancy and very creepy. Which is probably what they were going for.
  • BREAKING: Taxpayer-funded ministries hold mediocre staff-appreciation luncheon. The Toronto Sun, naturally, is hot on the trail of this not-even-remotely scandalous use of public dollars. The article does raise some points to ponder, though. Like the fact that the potatoes, apparently, were rosemary scented. Where are they getting all this rosemary money from? Are you feeling the outrage? Surely you agree that our civil servants should be eating nothing but thin, white gruel. Because, taxpayers.

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