Clips From Anthony Bourdain's Visit to Toronto Now Online
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Clips From Anthony Bourdain’s Visit to Toronto Now Online

He came and shot an episode of Travel Channel's The Layover. Now you can see the not-altogether-flattering results.

Anthony Bourdain, architecture critic. Don't drive yourself crazy clicking that "play" button on this screenshot. Links to the vidoes are below.

Over the summer, celebrity chef (or maybe celebrity/chef?) Anthony Bourdain came to Toronto to shoot an episode of his Travel Channel show, The Layover. We’ve known for quite some time what he did while he was here, but it was only yesterday that the episode aired for the first time, and now you can see some clips of it online.

To be honest, we missed the show on TV, but here’s a rundown of highlights from the bits that have ended up on the web.

Bourdain thinks Toronto is ugly. “It’s not a good-looking city,” he says in one clip. “They’ve got the worst of the architectural fads of the 20th century.” This monologue is accompanied by shots of some dowdy-looking Toronto high-rises. Oh well, at least it’s more engaging than tourism B-roll.

Fucked Up makes an appearance. Damian Abraham and his crew hang out with Bourdain at Cold Tea, a trendy back-room watering hole in Kensington Market. Bourdain gets them to talk up Toronto’s fun side. The message to tourists seems to be that though we may be ugly, we do have alcohol, food, and this one awesome band.

Other notable cameos include Jen Agg, of The Black Hoof, who shows up for a split second. She is—no joke—pouring bourbon down a chute made of a hollowed-out bone into Bourdain’s mouth. This is apparently known as a “bone luge.”

Yvonne Bambrick, former executive director of the Toronto Cyclists’ Union (and now a BIA coordinator and urban cycling consultant) shows up briefly as a talking head.

Maybe there are some other people we don’t recognize. You should let us know in the comments if that’s the case.

Bourdain’s producers think “Palmerston” is a neighbourhood. The crew visits Tosho Knife Arts, which is in Mirvish Village. But they refer to the area as “Palmerston, Toronto,” like it’s a borough.

Anyhow, come to Toronto, Travel Channel viewers. We appreciate your tourist dollars.