A Judge Has Dismissed Rob Ford's Libel Lawsuit


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A Judge Has Dismissed Rob Ford’s Libel Lawsuit

You win some, you lose some. Today, Rob Ford won one.

The mayor, who was recently booted out of office by one judge, has been let off the hook for libel by another. The Star reports that in a decision released earlier today, Ontario Superior Court Justice John Macdonald dismissed a $6 million lawsuit brought against the mayor by George Foulidis, a Beach-based restaurateur who claimed that Ford had unlawfully smeared him during the 2010 mayoral election.

Foulidis’ grievance stemmed from a 2010 interview Ford and his brother, Doug, gave to the Toronto Sun, during which Rob Ford implied that Foulidis’ contract extension with the City—which allows Foulidis’ company exclusive food-vending rights on a stretch of public land along the waterfront in the Beach—had been obtained, somehow, through corruption.

The Star has this choice quote from the judge’s decision (which is not yet available online):

“The defendant voiced only a suspicion of corruption which he, immediately and in clear terms, admitted was without factual foundation or insufficient for him to be able to say that anyone had done anything wrong.”

And so, in the opinion of the court, he’s an innocent man.