2012 Villain: Breaking Condo Glass
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2012 Villain: Breaking Condo Glass

Nominated for: causing bodily harm to civilians below, and leaving those above without panels in their balconies.

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As if transforming one of the most diverse cities in the world into a denser metropolis wasn’t challenge enough, now we have to worry about falling objects of mass destruction. If you haven’t yet had to pluck sharp bits of glass out of your hair, here’s what’s been going down: balcony panels have been shattering in a number of Toronto’s downtown condominiums, closing intersections and in some cases sparking lawsuits.

Freak accidents aside, the problem appears to be a manufacturing issue with the type of glass used in many buildings. The strongest, safest glass is more expensive—small comfort when there have already been been some reported injuries.

To combat the sharp-edged showers, some developers are wrapping mesh around their glass-panelled balconies as a precaution, while the provincial government was forced to act earlier this summer and implement new regulations for the type of glass used in construction. Under the new code, companies must use a material that is closer to that used in windshields (heat-strengthened and laminated) for glass that is in or near balconies. The flaw in this new system? The regulatory changes only apply to buildings that haven’t been built yet, not ones that are already raining glass over our residents.

Until a more permanent fix is implemented, we advise the Chicken Littles of the world to refrain from looking up if they’re walking near one of the suspect condominiums, or, at the very least, to carry an umbrella.

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