Weekend Newsstand: November 17, 2012



Weekend Newsstand: November 17, 2012

Welcome to the weekend, groggy eyes. Now go forth in search of waffles. In the news: streetcar driver reinstated, Trump glass mystery solved, Jarvis back to the way it was, committee shuffles, Rob Ford in court, and parking tickets.

Streetcar driver and potential-assailant chaser Dino Oroc has been reinstated by the TTC. He was suspended after jumping out of the Queen streetcar driver’s seat to chase a guy he thought had sexually assaulted a female passenger. Even though TTC drivers are technically only supposed to leave the streetcar to get coffee or use the washroom, they decided to let this one slide.

Turns out the glass that fell from Trump Tower didn’t so much fall as it was dropped. Construction workers were replacing a temporary pane of glass with a new one, but the suction cups being used to hold the glass slipped, and so the glass crashed down onto Bay Street. We declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed.

Jarvis Street is officially a weirdo five-lane street again, as the bike lanes are gone and the centre lane is reinstalled and ready to be driven in both directions in. Poor Jarvis. For a brief shining moment, it was a symmetrical road like all its road friends. Did anyone even think to ask Jarvis felt about all this change?

There were a few changes to city council committees on Friday, with Josh Colle (Ward 15, Eglinton-Lawrence) joining the mayor’s executive committee. Colle is known as part of the “mushy/mighty middle” of council, and he says he’ll maintain his laser-eyed focus on the centre despite possible pressure to vote with Mayor Rob Ford.

Speaking of Mayor Rob Ford, he displayed his verbal prowess in court on Friday as the libel suit against him continued. Ford admitted he didn’t see any “brown paper envelopes” changing hands, but he still thinks the Tuggs deal with the City was carried out improperly, and included elements of “corruption and skullduggery.” (Of course His Worship had to actually be in the court room to say that stuff, which is more than he’s managed in the past.)

And if you’re planning on parking in the city this weekend, park strategically. The Toronto Star has identified areas that get the most parking tickets. They include hospitals, colleges, and universities. Though you should be okay on Sunday, as only 10 per cent of tickets are handed out then. Happy parking.