Newsstand: November 30, 2012



Newsstand: November 30, 2012

It’s Friday, your last great hope for a weekday to turn out the way you want it to. Monday was alright and so was Thursday, but this better not be like Tuesday. In the news: Toronto's transportation department gets Gardiner fever, children collect a lot of clothes, proposed 2013 budget drops, a man woke up where he did not want to be, and Downsview Park gets new landlords.

Toronto’s transportation department is proposing that $505 million be spent on gussying up the Gardiner Expressway over the next decade. The money, which would keep the capital repair backlog much lower than it could be, comes hand-in-hand with a proposed increase to the repair backlog to major roads, local roads, and sidewalks. Come on, just half-assedly slap a fresh coat of paint on the Gardiner and it will be good as new.

Eleven hundred pounds of clothing is a lot of clothing, but through a recent donation drive, students at George Peck Public School in Scarborough pulled in that massive amount. Winter is only just starting and the hard work of these kids will surely go a long way towards helping some people stay warm (unless this is just 1,100 pounds of Hawaiian shirts). Watch the video in the CBC’s article to see children jumping on the bags of clothes as a representative of New Circles, the organization receiving the donation, explains how they don’t get many children’s garments that are only gently used. Adorable.

City Manager Joe Pennachetti has just dropped his latest proposed budget and some of the tracks on it are pretty hot. That is, it assumes the Toronto fire department will extinguish 104 currently unfilled positions. Also included in this financial plan is the key expectation that the police services freezes its own budget, despite a contractual obligation to increase the pay of officers. And the increase to property taxes is higher than Ford has promised. So really, everybody loses.

A man who fell asleep in a dumpster behind a Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen Street West found himself inside a garbage truck yesterday morning. He survived with no injuries, but that could have been very different if drivers had engaged the vehicle’s compactor.

The federal government has put Downsview Park under the control of the Canada Lands Co., a crown corporation that redevelops, sells, and manages land and buildings no longer needed by federal programs. This does not necessarily mean that the park, which officially opened in July, will be chopped up and sold off, but there are not many other reasons why the feds would ask their real-estate agent to run a park.