Newsstand: November 23, 2012



Newsstand: November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday, the shortest day of the year—nope, that can’t be right. Happy Black Friday, the biggest consumer debt day of the year! In the news: this Monday, Monday, Monday the ruling in Rob Ford’s conflict of interest case will land; elephants still have nowhere to go; a flood devastates a community housing building; and one last Liberal enters the race to put on McGuinty’s tiny shoes.

On Monday, if all goes according to plan, Rob Ford will be thrown out of office and council’s left-wing block will institute mandatory bicycle-riding, outlaw football, and put LRT lines down every single street in Toronto (which will go unused because of the bicycles). Okay not really, but on that day at 10 a.m. the judge overseeing Ford’s conflict of interest case, Justice Charles Hackland, is set to give his ruling. He is not expected to make a public appearance to give the decision, but will probably be doing so by either fax or email, depending on what decade this is.

The elephants at the Toronto Zoo should probably be getting ready for another long Canadian winter, because it keeps looking less and less like they are going to get away to a warmer destination before snow really hits the ground. John Tracogna, the CEO of the zoo, has said in a report that the PAWS sanctuary Toka, Thika, and Iringa are slotted to move to is not suitable. In place of PAWS, an as-yet-incomplete sanctuary-like facility in Florida has offered to take the elephants and so zoo staff will now be reviewing that location. City council voted to pack the pachyderms up and send them to PAWS last year, but the agreement with the Californian sanctuary includes a clause allowing the zoo’s CEO to stop the deal if he is not satisfied with a due diligence review. It sure doesn’t seem like he is satisfied. Poor guy.

The residents of a community housing building in East York are being suddenly forced out after a water line broke on the building’s third floor this week. The rupture and resulting flood has left tenants of the building’s 33 units scrambling for places to go and ways to move their belongings before the Monday deadline to vacate. Fred Victor, the charitable organization that operates the building at 704 Mortimer Avenue, decided four months ago that it was time to update all the plumbing in the building.

A seventh former McGuinty cabinet minister has entered into the Ontario Liberal leadership race. Now that MPP Harinder Takhar (Mississauga-Erindale) has given up his role as minister of government services, he is all set of launch his bid at an event on Saturday. Takhar has already mentioned as a campaign idea a “Greater Toronto Transit Commission” to cover the whole GTA with a single fare. However, he has neglected to provide detail on whether that would be operated by unicorns of dragons.