Newsstand: November 22, 2012




Newsstand: November 22, 2012

Our Thursday could beat up your Thursday. So there. In the news: more details in the Salvation Army toy theft, TDSB trustees vote against selling off playgrounds, the TTC raises the cost of tokens and metropasses, and police catch a Twitter troll from under his bridge.

By now you might have heard the shocking news about a theft of $2 million in toy donations at the Salvation Army. The organization gave out more details at a press conference yesterday, including that about 100,000 toys were stolen over two years, that the charity gives out about 140,000 toys each year, and that a whistleblower tipped off the authorities. We don’t know who the whistleblower is, but judging by those numbers above, it could have been anyone who just walked in off the street and noticed about a third of the warehouse’s toys were gone. A police investigation into the matter is ongoing, so in the meantime why not brush up on some of the Salvation Army’s great thefts of the past?

Looks like kids across the city won’t be crammed like sardines into pared-down school playgrounds after all. The TDSB has rejected a proposal to sell off portions of school properties that included green space such as playgrounds. It’s a victory for children, parents, and politicians not wanting to incur the wrath of those parents. All that’s left now is the pesky little question of where the money for the school board’s renovations and repairs will come from.

Speaking of cash, get used to having a little less of it in your pocket next year. The TTC will be hiking fares yet again in 2013, although only for tokens and Metropasses. Hey, that same level of service as last year doesn’t come cheap, you know.

If you’ve ever thought the things you tweet won’t have any repercussions in the real world, this ought to scare you straight: police have charged a man with harassment for continual trolling at least one woman on Twitter. Gregory Alan Elliott has been called “Toronto’s biggest Twitter troll,” with a reputation for going after women he perceives to be radical feminists. It was unwanted sexual messages and repeated angry comments that led a woman to report him to police, but it’s the brutal goatee in his profile pic that will be burned in your mind for the rest of the day.

In the months leading up to their removal, the Jarvis bike lanes faced their share of opposition from the City. Now it looks like the bike lanes on nearby Sherbourne Street are contending with a different City attitude: laziness. Maybe there’s a better answer to why this official vehicle is parked in the lane, but the City doesn’t have it.