Extra, Extra: Rob Ford, Rob Ford, and Rob Ford




Extra, Extra: Rob Ford, Rob Ford, and Rob Ford

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • A website called respectdemocracy.ca is making the case for Rob Ford’s reinstatement as mayor, following his ouster earlier this week. Its owners have even put together some video propaganda, embedded above.
  • Meanwhile, international reaction to the Ford situation continues. Flip through a copy of The Economist and you might see this article, which characterizes Toronto as a city in tatters. Maybe we could parlay this into a new tourism slogan. Toronto: Come See Our Dirty Laundry. World class, people. World class.
  • Somewhat related: a new website tells you whether Rob Ford is currently mayor or not. Watch it closely in coming weeks.
  • Over at the Globe, Richard Florida argues that despite all the Ford stuff, what Toronto really needs is a stronger mayoralty, because it would help us to attract better leaders, who could then stand up to the province. Which makes a surprising amount of sense.
  • What a world.
  • The Old City Hall nativity scene spends more time in headlines than possibly any nativity scene anywhere else. It was vandalized earlier this week. But its last major scandal was self-inflicted.

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