Extra, Extra: Plastic Money, Corrupt Governments, and History Apps




Extra, Extra: Plastic Money, Corrupt Governments, and History Apps

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

Please do not attempt to exchange the screen of your computing device for goods and/or services. This picture of the new $20 bill is only a specimen. Image courtesy of the Bank of Canada.

  • Canada’s new, plasticky $20 bills are going to be entering circulation tomorrow. Go get some, so you can gaze upon Queen Elizabeth’s neck wrinkles in stunning high-def.
  • Google just got even more omniscient. Now, people can use Street View not only to view Toronto streets, but also the insides of certain buildings.
  • Say what you will about Toronto’s city government, but at least it’s not as corrupt as Montreal’s. Did you know their mayor just resigned?
  • It turns out there’s more than one Toronto-history app. The Textile Museum of Canada wrote to tell us about TXTilecity, for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. It allows users to explore “the significant role textiles have played in shaping Toronto’s urban landscape.”
  • The provincial Liberals’ leadership race is heating up, now that Dalton McGuinty is almost an ex-premier. Declared candidates Kathleen Wynne and Glen Murray both have websites up and running, and there are undoubtedly more contenders waiting in the wings. The leadership convention is scheduled to begin on January 25.

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