Extra, Extra: Christmas in Early November, and Sam the Record Man's Sign Still MIA



Extra, Extra: Christmas in Early November, and Sam the Record Man’s Sign Still MIA

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  • The Christmas season is here, and by all indications it’ll be sticking around for two months or so. One of the perks of being a member of the media at this time of year is direct access to Santa Claus, for interviews and such. When we met him this past weekend, he even let us record a special greeting to us and our readers. See above.
  • The Grid has finally nailed down the widely misreported details of Ryerson’s agreement to restore the iconic Sam the Record Man sign—which it appears they’re still not planning on doing.
  • The week after the end of Daylight Saving Time—in other words, this week—has traditionally been a dangerous seven days for Toronto pedestrians, according to an analysis by Global.
  • Thieves in the GTA are using welding torches to break into ATMs late at night. The crime is dastardly, but the surveillance video is awesome.
  • Some Canadian artists are trying to put together a comic book full of Canadian superheroes, because America has all the spandex-clad vigilantes and it’s not fair. The artists have about 10 hours to meet their $20,000 goal on Indiegogo, and they’re almost there.

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