Duly Quoted: Don Cherry




Duly Quoted: Don Cherry

“Usually I don’t read the news, just the sports but I happened to pick up the paper and read the front part the other day. First, there was a photo fo a jogger kicking and destroying Canadian flag and gives a woman the finger. Then it continues, my buddy the mayor getting sued, Oliva Chow next mayor, man slits wife’s throat, kills her…What happened to Toronto the good? Remember we couldn’t get liquor on Sunday’s? Poor us. What should we call Toronto now? All this crime and people want the Police budget cut. Go figure.”

—This morning on Twitter, professional crazy person and CBC hockey commentator Don Cherry unleashed a multi-part rant about something a little beyond his usual beat: the news. The text of the tweets is reproduced, in part, above. (All spelling mistakes are his.) Cherry—best known to non-sports-watching Canadians as the guy who gave an incoherent, red-baiting speech at Mayor Rob Ford’s investiture in 2010—is a noted hater of “left-wing pinkos” and, apparently, all forms of crime. The majority of the news referenced here appears to be from last week. Maybe he spent all the intervening time putting this thing through drafts. Okay, obviously not.

See the original tweets in a Storify, after the jump. [Via Toronto Standard]