Declassified: Dropping the Bomb and Other Truths



Declassified: Dropping the Bomb and Other Truths

In this week's Declassified, we see Torontonians airing things out.


What could be more fun than twisting someone’s arm in a town where no one knows your name? What is this? Who does this? Do people know we’re reading this stuff?

Full of Hot Air

So when people ask how you met, which one of you will take the blame for dropping the bomb?

FYI Antiques

Hold the phone. Slap Chop isn’t an antique? And that box of chalk I bought isn’t either? Wait, this phone isn’t too? Gah! Drop the phone! Drop the phone! Sell it on Craigslist!


This sounds curiously like an ad about this person’s ex-girlfriend.

Left Butt Cheek

Pretty sure this is why Toronto has a growing number of cyclists.

Seeing Red

This sounds Maddening! (One of us had to say it.)

A lot of people do a lot of weird stuff on the internet, and ground zero for commercial e-weirdness is Craigslist. In Declassified, Torontoist combs over our city’s listings to find the best (and worst) of the bunch. Find listings we should include in our next edition? Email them to