Weekend Newsstand: October 13, 2012



Weekend Newsstand: October 13, 2012

Oh, frost. How we've missed you. We're so very pleased to welcome you back this weekend. In the news: the TDSB considers school closings and downsizing renovations; a rally in defense of safe streets; a rally in defense of one's right to a full and fulfilling NHL season; and a marathon shuts down some streets.

The embattled Toronto District School Board may have to consider shutting down schools and downsizing renovations, according to education director Chris Spence. This revelation comes in the wake of a recent freeze on any further funding for TDSB building projects after the board went $11 million over budget on Regent Park’s Nelson Mandela Park Public School rebuild. Hey, TDSB, we’ve got an idea! Why not get in touch with Oxford Properties? We hear they’ve got quite the reno project in the works. Maybe they’d be willing to include a school or two in the plans.

Residents in the Christie Pits neighbourhood took to the streets last night for the second time in two months to protest a string of still-unresolved sexual assaults in the area. About 300 people turned out, including Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina ) and MP Olivia Chow, to march through the neighbourhood streets chanting slogans, carrying signs, and sending the message that assaults like these will not be tolerated.

It seems hockey fans, too, want to take back the night. Hockey night. Because things that really and truly matter are worth standing up for. A group of heartbroken hockey fans is organizing what they call a “Hockey Not in Canada” rally. On the night that should mark the official start of the NHL season for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a group of hockey fans is expected to rally outside the ACC to show their displeasure with the lockout. At least they can take comfort in the fact that local pubs are here to help, ready to provide support in the form of lockout-related food deals.

A bunch of roads will be closed for Sunday’s marathon, but drivers, don’t be peeved! You should learn a thing or two from Mayor Rob Ford, who seems to have changed his tune from 2010, and is now pro-marathon. Surely if Mr. Car himself is cool with this, you can be, too.