Newsstand: October 25, 2012




Newsstand: October 25, 2012

Fun fact: Thursday rhymes with per se. Think about it. In today's news: it's been two years since Rob Ford was elected mayor, Waterfront Toronto says "no way" to a casino in the Port Lands, Mississauga wants more transit money, Union Station renovation runs behind schedule, and two Supreme Court rulings announced today.

Pump up the pigskins, throw on your party hats, and get your SUVs a-revvin’, because today marks the two-year anniversary of Mayor Rob Ford’s victory at the polls. The Sun is celebrating the occasion by publishing a brief retrospective of Ford’s top-five fumbles as mayor to date, which one could argue is no easy curatorial task.

But this isn’t a very happy anniversary for Rob Ford. First, the CNE came out against his idea of having a casino built on its grounds, and now Waterfront Toronto is pooh-poohing the prospect of a casino in the Port Lands. The group’s CEO doesn’t believe a giant parking lot and a large-scale structure with no community presence will be a benefit to people looking to move into the new community, which makes us think he’s clearly never tried living in a mall. And the chances of a casino in Toronto could become even more grim if Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti’s (Ward 7, York West) proposed limit on councillors’ interactions with casino lobbyists picks up any traction.

Torontonians may be celebrating—or at least skeptically shrugging their shoulders at—the latest plan for TTC expansion, but if you perk up your ears and listen westward, you might be able to hear a faint noise. That would be the sound of Mississauga city councillors grinding their teeth at constantly being overlooked in favour of Toronto when it comes to getting provincial transportation money, especially considering the city’s growth in recent years. But if Mississauga wants to be in the same league as Toronto, it needs to understand that waiting for government funds that might never come is just part of being a world-class Canadian city.

Speaking of waiting, if you’ve been angrily wondering how long it’s going to bloody well take to renovate Union Station, the answer is: longer than expected. The city’s auditor general says the renovations were six months behind schedule as of March, and the process of keeping council up to date on their progress leaves something to be desired. But, to be fair, it must be near impossible to get anything done at Union Station with the sweet smell of Cinnabon always in the air.

What do sex workers and Conservative MP Ted Opitz have in common? They’re all waiting to hear some favourable news from the Supreme Court when it puts out two major rulings today. Opitz will find out whether he did in fact win his Etobicoke Centre riding fair and square in the last federal election, or whether clerical problems at Elections Canada will mean his riding has to head back to the polls for a by-election. Meanwhile, sex workers wait on the Supreme Court’s decision of whether or not to allow the federal government to appeal a lower ruling that strikes down Canada’s prostitution laws. The verdicts should be in just before 10 a.m.