Extra, Extra: Creepy Occurrences, Subway Extensions, and Eggplant Jackets




Extra, Extra: Creepy Occurrences, Subway Extensions, and Eggplant Jackets

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The young man accused of committing 16 sexual assualts in the Christie Pits Area attended a rally—like this one, which took place on October 12—against those same assaults.

  • Nothing has been proven yet. Even so, this makes our skin crawl: the 15-year-old male who is accused of committing 14 separate sexual assaults in the Christie Pits area attended a neighbourhood rally against those very same assaults. It’s not clear whether the rally in question was this one, which took place on October 12.
  • The Spadina Subway Extension is now expected to open in late 2016, a little after its original projected opening date. Steve Munro says the TTC might have been able to get the trains running sooner if they’d built the thing in stages.
  • In other transit news—and this may be dismaying to some transit traditionalists—in a meeting with the Globe‘s editorial board this afternoon, TTC CEO Andy Byford said that he wants to ditch the commission’s eggplant-coloured uniform jackets.
  • The Royal Ontario Museum lowered its admission prices last year, which was widely regarded as a good and generous move. And yet now there’s this strange attempt by the ROM’s administration to squeeze money from events caterers.
  • Maybe you missed out on CiRCA during its three years at the apex of Toronto’s nightclub scene. Now you can relive the defunct (as of 2010) venue’s glory days, thanks to this exhaustively researched feature over at the Grid.

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CORRECTION: October 23, 2012, 4:30 PM This post originally said that a 15-year-old male had been accused of 16 separate sexual assaults. In fact, the young man in question is accused of 14 sexual assaults and two counts of criminal harassment.