Extra, Extra: Cash-Strapped Gardens and Newspaper Paywalls




Extra, Extra: Cash-Strapped Gardens and Newspaper Paywalls

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The Toronto Botanical Garden.

  • When last we checked in on the Toronto Botanical Garden, it was on the brink of financial disaster and its executive director was about to beg the City for $135,000 per year in additional funding. Well, the begging happened today, with indifferent results. The request for more money will likely be stuck in committee limbo until next year.
  • The Globe and Mail will be putting a paywall around its online content, starting next week. If it’s anything like the New York Times paywall (and it sounds like it will be), it should be easy enough for determined freeloaders to circumvent. But you should feel bad about doing that. The Globe is the only paper of its kind in Canada and it’s asking for support from the people who use it. There are worse places to park your money, though it has to be said that $19.99 a month for non-subscribers is pretty steep.
  • And finally, for those who doubt that bike helmets save lives: Ontario’s chief coroner says that, at least in this province, not wearing one makes you 3.1 times more likely to die from a head injury.

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