Duly Quoted: James Pasternak




Duly Quoted: James Pasternak

Available for barter: one council vote in exchange for a subway line.

“Downtown Relief Line unlikely to have Council support for funding source if North York Relief Line derailed.”

—City councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre), on Twitter today. The rookie councillor has been agitating for a subway connection at the north end of Toronto, linking the Yonge and University-Spadina lines across Sheppard, since his election. Today’s remarks are in response to the TTC’s recently released report which makes the case for a Downtown Relief Line—a new subway loop that would alleviate pressure on the maxed-out Yonge line—and follow on the heels of other recent remarks by councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre), who wants to reopen the Scarborough light rail line and reconsider building a subway there. Because Toronto politicians are in the habit of relying on evidence to make decisions that benefit the city as a whole, and would never hold such decisions hostage to satisfy their parochial interests.