Newsstand: September 27, 2012



Newsstand: September 27, 2012

Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. Get on up, it's Thursday! In the news today: a queer-centric school in Toronto will have to wait; another Ford staffer helps out the Don Bosco Eagles; and subways on the Bloor line are getting louder.

After much talk, it looks like Toronto won’t be getting a queer-centric high school, at least for now. A lack of unified support among people currently in the Toronto District School Board’s Triangle Program (among other reasons) means proposals for the school won’t move forward at this time. This does unfortunately mean those hundreds of commenters on the Sun‘s website voiced their displeasure on the internet for nothing.

And if you find yourself wondering where Charles McVety stands on all this, well, the leader of the Canada Christian College is a bit preoccupied with trying to get criminal charges laid against the TDSB for including a link on its website to a site that encourages safe sex. In a letter to Attorney General John Gerretsen, McVety takes particular issue with the site’s suggestion that people put vegetables into the posterior of a sexual partner as an alternative to anal sex.

And now, your daily “Rob Ford Did What?” moment. The Star is reporting a member of Ford’s staff called the provincial government to ask about getting money to improve the sports field at the high school where he coaches football. While these constant reports of misuse of City resources are alarming, at least Ford’s trying to help someone else with all this. In fact, maybe he only became mayor so he could help out this struggling football team, sort of like a political Mrs. Doubtfire.

You’d think a major city with only three measly subway lines would at least be able to keep them running smoothly. But residents along the Bloor-Danforth line are complaining that trains running on those tracks have been making more of a racket in recent years than ever before. The TTC ignored them for years, until good old science came to the rescue. A new study finds the trains are in fact getting louder, and it’s all because of increased wear to their wheels and the tracks. So what’s the TTC going to do about it? That remains to be seen, but rumour has it executives have all been issued copies of Jonathan Cleaned Up—Then He Heard a Sound to consult as they search for a solution.

It seemed like the perfect idea. The day after Halloween, you take your pumpkin to a park, light it up alongside countless others, enjoy the beautiful display, and then leave while City workers clean up after you. Well, if jack-o’-lanterns had muscles and central nervous systems, we’d tell them to wipe those smug grins off their faces, because the City is saying, “No more!” Officials say budget cutbacks mean people will have to dispose of their own pumpkins from now on. This, as you can imagine, is an unpopular demand.