Extra, Extra: Flying Kites and Rolling Houses



Extra, Extra: Flying Kites and Rolling Houses

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • This weekend was a bit on the windy side, and while that might have been a bit annoying for those of us with long hair or lots of bags to carry, one contingent was certainly glad: the group of Torontonians who got together at Woodbine Beach on Saturday for Windfest, Toronto’s annual kite festival. Photos of the aerial fun are in the gallery above.
  • If you were caught in some unexpectedly bad downtown traffic on Saturday morning, this might be why: a large crew was busy moving a house across the street. Not, as colloquial language generally suggests, relocating the objects in one house to another across the way, but picking up and moving the house itself.
  • Some happy economic news for the city (also good for Ryan Gosling fans and Reel Toronto readers): after a slump in the aughts, Toronto is picking up steam in film production once again.
  • On Friday, we wrote about our concerns with Metrolinx‘s latest move: announcing that Toronto’s new light rapid transit lines will be operated by a private partner rather than the TTC. Today, John Lorinc argues in Spacing that there may not to be quite as much to worry about as we fear.

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